Sandro Breu, Entrepreneur & Photographer

Sandro Breu is a photographer from Switzerland, based in St.Gallen, the biggest city in the Eastern part of Switzerland (although that doesn’t mean a lot in that small country).

He grew up in a small village nearby, surrounded by beautiful mountains, fields of flowers, cows, amazing people and lots of laughter.

His passion for photography started with his desire to capture these amazing moments – and to put his own spin on it. Due to his work, he now not only support brands with new content and photography, but also discovered his flair for entrepreneurship and managing.

«I don't care about job titles. I do what attracts my attention.»

Starting with a simple idea and a competent team.

There is no «U» in «WE»


Fair, sustainable and produced in Europe. We want clothing, the people behind it and the environment to have a real value again. And look cool, of course. So that you can feel completely comfortable.

Inspired by Arina and Sandro's friendship. The two support each other, challenge each other and want to go one step further together.

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Despite the various projects, Sandro has never lost sight of his passion for photography. Art gives him the balance to the rest of his work. This art gives him the freedom to express himself and to let his creativity run free next to the number-based startups.

«Because I know that I do this primarily for myself and my own art also gives me a lot.»

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Working together

A selection of companies and brands I was already allowed to support with my skills.

«Fast money and success without any hard work, right? No, it doesn't work that way. There are no shortcuts when trying to reach your goals. – If there's one main thing that I've learned so far, it's that you need a great team because you cannot do everything on your own.»

Sandro Breu  Entrepreneur, Photographer or whatever